Organization chart

The organizational structure of the company is based on the division of tasks and activities, according to the criteria addressed to render the maximum operational efficiency.The clear division of tasks along with the permanent interaction among the various professionals, achieves a continuous improvement of the production process and result for the Client. The professionalism and expertise of the entire structure is owed not only to each team member’s professional qualifications, but also to the “on the ground” experience gained throughout the team’s many years of collaboration together.

Every aspect addressed in each project is used as support for all successive projects, thus enriching the professional knowledge of the individual but also of the entire organizational structure and human resources of the firm.

The Company, led by the Engineer Antonio Martini, avails of an organizational structure thus made up:

  • Technical Director: Engineer Antonio Martini
  • Technical Director: Engineer Giulio Ghezzi
  • Technical manager and Coordinator of the Design Review Sector service: Engineer Alberto Olivari
  • Technical and administrative staff: staff with over 70 professionals, as well as collaborations with external consultants.