Civil Infrastructure Design

Transportation Infrastructure:
roads, railways, bridges, viaducts, underpasses

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure design for environment, water and sewer networks, hydraulic works and land protection

Telecommunication infrastructure design

Optic fiber networks, video surveillance, "smart city" technological systems

Technical Assistance and Control

Verification for the purpose of validating the final and detailed design

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Last projects
Alla projects
Expansion and Rehabilitation of Keta Water Supply System.
Upgrading and maintenance interventions on structural parts of the “Passerella” Viaduct
Urgent safety measures for tunnels – A/23 Udine-Tarvisio and A/27 Venice-Belluno motorways
Studio Martini Ingegneria

Studio Martini Ingegneria

STUDIO MARTINI INGEGNERIA S.R.L. has operated, in Italy and abroad, in the sectors of civil engineering and telecommunications since 1991. our mission is to provide quality engineering services and to offer solutions suited to the specific requirements of the Client, from technical and financial stanpoints.
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What we do
The company is specialized in planning, design, works supervision and site safety coordination, Project Management in Transport, Hydraulics, Environment, and Telecommunications sectors. It also carries out Design review for validation and Quality Controls in addition to specialized Welding Engineering services.


Roads and Highways, Railways, Traffic Studies and Environmental Assessments and Studies, Freight Yards and Logistics, Car Parkings, Pedestrian and Cycle Paths.
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Fiber Optic Networks, Smart Cities and Smart Roads, Radio Links and Wireless Networks.
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Water Supply Networks, Sewers, Water Resources Management, Hydraulic Compatibility Assessment and Environmental Assessment, Collection and Treatment of Platform Water.
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Technical Assistance and Control

Third-Party Design Review, Testing, Welding Engineering, Welding Process and Quality Control.
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Studio Martini Ingegneria provides planning, design, works supervision and site supervision, technical assistance and contract management, design review for project's validation

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