Company structure

The company's organizational structure is based on a distribution of activities to achieve maximum efficiency for the work done in relation to the time employed. A clear division of tasks and a constant interaction between the different professionals improves the production process and the results for the clients.

The professionalism and expertise of the entire structure is owed not only to each team member’s professional qualifications, but also to the experience "on the ground" throughout the team’s many years of collaboration together.  Every aspect addressed in each project serves as support for all successive projects, thus enriching the professional knowledge of not only of the individual but also of the entire organizational structure and human resources of the firm.

The Company, witch is led by the Dr. Eng. Antonio Martini, makes use of an organizational structure thus constituted:

  • Technical Director in the person of Dr. Eng. Antonio Martini;
  • Technical Menager and    Verification Service Coordination in the person of Dr. Eng. Alberto Olivari;
  • Technical and administrative staff;
  • Possible collaborations with occasional consultants.