STUDIO ING. MARTINI S.R.L. is an engineering firm that operates in the civil engineering field, in both the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally. It was established in 2002 after the merger with “Studio Ing. Antonio Martini” which had been working in the civil engineering field since 1991.

The firm operates with a working group of competent, cohesive and qualified personnel with extensive experience in the fields that characterize the firm’s activities. Our mission is to provide quality-engineering services, and offer solutions that are technically and economically appropriate to meet the specific needs of the client.

The firm is certified to the ISO 9001 Quality System Management Standards.

The firm is member of Unindustria Treviso and OICE (the Italian association for engineering, architecture and technical-economic consultancy companies).

The Managing Director and Technical Director of the firm is Eng. Antonio Martini.


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